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A cruise on Adams was a Walk on the Wild Side

Archive Entry Date: 3/26/2001

Peoria's red light districts were once the playground of teenage boys

“Retired Peoria Madam: ‘I look back and wonder how I did it all'”

Archive Entry Date: 10/3/98

Karen Connally, one of Peoria’s last madams, reflects.

“Prostitution in Peoria — always a tricky, risky enterprise”

Archive Entry Date: 10/3/93

Brothels find new neighborhoods after demolitions.

Play in Peoria Not Like in Old Days

Archive Entry Date: 11/2/1980

An AP reporter's survey of a century of prostitution in Peoria

“Peoria Says Goodbye to Merry-Go-Round”

Archive Entry Date: 9/30/79

A well-known hub for prostitution was demolished in 1979.

2 Women Entertainers Slain In Motel

Archive Entry Date: 9/30/1964

Two “entertainers” were murdered at Bris Collins's motel over an unpaid debt

Prostitution Case Fines Total $700

Archive Entry Date: 3/5/1968

In the year before his death, Buck was still getting arrested in vice squad raids

Vice Raid Nets Man, 56, Woman

Archive Entry Date: 11/15/1967

Buck arrested for 3rd time in as many years for running a brothel

Ex-Peorian Sentenced to 10 years, Fined $10,000

Archive Entry Date: 1/27/1967

The FBI joined the crackdown on prostitution in Peoria

Prostitute Testifies She Met Poos in 1963

Archive Entry Date: 1/20/1967

The notorious Elmer Poos was brought down by an ex-lover who worked for him as a prostitute

5 of 10 Vice Raid Counts Dismissed

Archive Entry Date: 11/10/1965

Buck avoided jail time by evading police during a raid

Prostitution Counts Name 5 Defendants

Archive Entry Date: 9/10/1965

When police raided the brothel of Richard's father and stepmother, Buck ran and Ann stayed

Lack of Prosecution Kills Case On Collins

Archive Entry Date: 10/14/59

Collins escaped the law, for once

Survey Shows Prostitution On Rise

Archive Entry Date: 05/07/1959

Prostitution was tightly monitored, and even more tightly controlled, in 1950s Peoria

Lipkin Files Bid To Shut 10 Vice Houses

Archive Entry Date: 4/24/1959

Shutting down brothels was no easy task

Old Peoria: As Wide Open As The Gateway To Hell

Archive Entry Date: 4/14/1956

From the newspaper of the All-American city, a guided tour of the old “Empire of Vice”

Joe Eagle Indicted on Lie Charges

Archive Entry Date: 7/2/1954

Joe Eagle, a fellow N. Washington St. brothel owner, was charged with perjury and tax evasion

8 Jailed Here in Narcotic Raid

Archive Entry Date: 4/9/53

Uncle Dickie was arrested with heroin and marijuana, and under suspicion of turning women to prostitution

Ad Club Joins Fight on ‘Red Lights’

Archive Entry Date: 6/5/1951

A new partner in the coalition against vice: the Advertising and Selling Club

Jury Urges Nine Taverns Closed

Archive Entry Date: 2/15/1945

A grand jury widened the crusade against vice to the taverns frequented by prostitutes

Mayor Woodruff: More Penicillin Needed

Archive Entry Date: 10/10/1944

A $1000 order of penicillin was urged to combat the city's growing “social problem”

Vice Termed As Sabotage

Archive Entry Date: 12/07/1943

Ministers called vice “sabotage” and accused Peoria's citizens of thwarting the war effort

Council Votes Cleanup Power

Archive Entry Date: 12/1/1943

The health department was empowered to inspect anyone thought to have VD

City Council Targets Social Diseases

Archive Entry Date: 11/30/1943

The city council urged the Mayor to work with the US Army to fight vice

Police Ordered to Enforce Ban

Archive Entry Date: 11/30/1943

A judge sent a stern message to Peoria's brothel owners and prostitutes

Two Women Held In Vice Check Up

Archive Entry Date: 11/21/1943

After the military threatened a further crackdown, Peoria police took action

Plan Fight on Social Disease

Archive Entry Date: 11/19/1943

All of Illinois law enforcement was marshalled to stamp out vice in Peoria

Carson Orders Resorts Closed

Archive Entry Date: 5/8/1942

Illinois's State Attorney stepped in where Peoria's mayor did not, attacking the red-light district

Peoria Vice Hit By Government

Archive Entry Date: 3/18/1942

The Christian Century editorialized against Peoria as “the sinkhole of midwestern vice”

Attention Citizens!

Archive Entry Date: 3/5/1942

The Jaycees led the attack against the red-light district