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Barren Land in Southtown Teemed With Brothels

Archive Entry Date: 10/3/1993

Did the lives of prostitutes change for the worse with reform?

Joe Eagle Indicted on Lie Charges

Archive Entry Date: 7/2/1954

Joe Eagle, a fellow N. Washington St. brothel owner, was charged with perjury and tax evasion

State to Clear 14 Buildings Here

Archive Entry Date: 7/9/1953

Richard Pryor's childhood home was demolished to make way for the Murray Baker Bridge

John Clark Discovers Negroes Now Talking

Archive Entry Date: 10/11/1952

A reporter dropped into Bris Collins's tavern to take black America's pulse — and met Richard's “Uncle Dickie”

Fayette-Jackson Is Area for New Span

Archive Entry Date: 7/26/1951

The Murray Baker Bridge was over fifteen years in the making

LeRoy Pryor Indicted by Grand Jury

Archive Entry Date: 3/1945

A Peoria grand jury indicted LeRoy Pryor for robbing a black soldier

Ellis Sergeant Slugged, Robbed

Archive Entry Date: 2/13/1945

A black sergeant, flush with cash, was robbed on N. Washington Street — and Richard's father seems to have been the culprit

North Washington Street

Archive Entry Date: 1938

The block, in the red-light district, where Pryor was raised