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‘The Good Old Woodruff Days’

Archive Entry Date: 6/26/76

Three decades after the decline of Roarin' Peoria, some still missed “the Good Old Days”

Now They’re Proud of Peoria

Archive Entry Date: 8/55

Feminist pioneer Betty Friedan praised World War II veterans for turning around Peoria.

The Cities of America: Peoria

Archive Entry Date: 2/12/1949

The Saturday Evening Post's panoramic view of Peoria, from its “valley” to its “bluff”

TIME Magazine: By the River

Archive Entry Date: 2/26/1945

Peoria had been “the biggest little wide open town in the Midwest,” but what was next for the city?

Woodruff Tells AP That Crusaders Caused His Defeat

Archive Entry Date: 2/14/1945

Woodruff's defeat marked the end of an era in Peoria

Triebel and Madden Win Mayor Races

Archive Entry Date: 2/14/1945

In a stunning defeat for Sin City, Mayor Ed Woodruff was clobbered in the 1945 mayoral primary

Bluff Outvotes Valley Wards

Archive Entry Date: 2/14/1945

A harbinger of major reforms to come, the wealthy bluff outvoted the valley for the first time in 1945

Mayor Woodruff: More Penicillin Needed

Archive Entry Date: 10/10/1944

A $1000 order of penicillin was urged to combat the city's growing “social problem”

Council Votes Cleanup Power

Archive Entry Date: 12/1/1943

The health department was empowered to inspect anyone thought to have VD

City Council Targets Social Diseases

Archive Entry Date: 11/30/1943

The city council urged the Mayor to work with the US Army to fight vice

Plan Fight on Social Disease

Archive Entry Date: 11/19/1943

All of Illinois law enforcement was marshalled to stamp out vice in Peoria

U.S. Plans To Close City to Men On Leave

Archive Entry Date: 01/28/1942

A spike in VD in Peoria led the US public health board to take action

Council-Mayor Fight Widens

Archive Entry Date: 12/17/1941

In late-1941 Mayor Woodruff and Peoria's city council feuded over the protection of vice in the city

Peoria Sadly Clamps Lid On For First Time

Archive Entry Date: 10/21/30

In the wake of kidnappings and murder, the State Attorney ordered Peoria's gambling houses closed