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In Memory: LeRoy Pryor, Jr.

Archive Entry Date: 10/2/1968

Buck died at the young age of 53

Prostitution Case Fines Total $700

Archive Entry Date: 3/5/1968

In the year before his death, Buck was still getting arrested in vice squad raids

Vice Raid Nets Man, 56, Woman

Archive Entry Date: 11/15/1967

Buck arrested for 3rd time in as many years for running a brothel

R. Pryor Launched in Movies

Archive Entry Date: 9/9/1967

On the occasion of Richard's first film role, the Peoria Journal Star joined a conversation with his father

5 of 10 Vice Raid Counts Dismissed

Archive Entry Date: 11/10/1965

Buck avoided jail time by evading police during a raid

Prostitution Counts Name 5 Defendants

Archive Entry Date: 9/10/1965

When police raided the brothel of Richard's father and stepmother, Buck ran and Ann stayed

Club LaVon Destroyed; Speed Points to Arson

Archive Entry Date: 11/23/1959

The Club Lavon and Hotel Avion, once part of Peoria's vice circuit, were bombed and burned

Buck and Ann Pryor in Aiken Alley

Archive Entry Date: 4/3/1951

Richard's father and stepmother relaxing on Aiken Alley

Ann and Buck Drinking With Friends

Archive Entry Date: 1950s

Richard's father and stepmother, on the town with some sharp-dressed friends

Gertrude Pryor v. LeRoy Pryor

Archive Entry Date: 1/1946

The divorce papers of Richard Pryor's parents

LeRoy Pryor Indicted by Grand Jury

Archive Entry Date: 3/1945

A Peoria grand jury indicted LeRoy Pryor for robbing a black soldier

Ellis Sergeant Slugged, Robbed

Archive Entry Date: 2/13/1945

A black sergeant, flush with cash, was robbed on N. Washington Street — and Richard's father seems to have been the culprit

The Pryor Family at the Famous Door

Archive Entry Date: c. 1945

The Pryor family diversified its operations, becoming proud owners of a tavern in the mid-40s

LeRoy Pryor Receives Section 8 Discharge

Archive Entry Date: 7/25/44

LeRoy Pryor was discharged without honor from the US Army at the height of mobilization for WWII

Married: LeRoy Pryor and Gertrude Thomas

Archive Entry Date: 12/28/1943

Three years after he was born, World War II spurred Richard's parents to marry

North Washington Street

Archive Entry Date: 1938

The block, in the red-light district, where Pryor was raised

Arrest Four Negroes in Wabash Sand House

Archive Entry Date: 03/ 17/1931

At age 15, Marie's son LeRoy — later Richard's father — was arrested for disorderly conduct

Got Affectionate with the Baby

Archive Entry Date: 11/19/1916

Marie preferred to have her husband Roy in jail rather than near her baby