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Landlords Profit While South Sides Goes To Pot

Archive Entry Date: 12/05/1963

For lack of a better option, Peoria's blacks were forced to rent overpriced and poorly maintained housing

Negro Effect on Property Put To Test

Archive Entry Date: 08/07/1963

A newspaper investigation found property values rarely dropped when a “colored family” moved in

Gwynn Says There IS Racial Tension in Peoria

Archive Entry Date: 06/22/1963

Peoria's NAACP president argued that racial tension suffused “almost every phase of life in Peoria”

Human Relations Report Cites Negro Gains Here

Archive Entry Date: 01/26/1959

Despite recent accomplishments, overcrowding in the “black belt” of Peoria remained a problem

Housing Effort By Tenants Succeeds, Fails

Archive Entry Date: 04/16/1957

A case study in white resistance to desegregated housing in Peoria