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Miss Diamond Lil’

Archive Entry Date: 2/2011

An account of the rise and fall of Diamond Lil', a well-connected black madam in 1920s and 1930s Peoria

Grand Jury Recommended on Shotgunning

Archive Entry Date: 4/5/1962

A detailed account of the shotgunning of the Elks Club bouncer who saved Richard's life

Father of 5 Fatally Shotgunned At Elk’s Club

Archive Entry Date: 4/3/1962

A bouncer saved Richard's life but was himself killed by a disgruntled customer

Bris Collins’ Tap Raided, Closed; Baseball Pool Czar Fined $1,000

Archive Entry Date: 5/23/1953

“Cleaning up Peoria” meant more raids on Bris Collins' place

Eaton Street, home of Diamond Lil’s resort

Archive Entry Date: 1930s

The street in the red-light district where Marie Pryor settled — and where Peoria's most famous 20th-century madam plied her trade