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Richard Pryor Returns To Peoria Stage

Archive Entry Date: 03/09/1969

A benefit for the local Afro-American Black Peoples Federation brought Richard Pryor back to the Carver Center stage

Richard Visits His Mother Gertrude

Archive Entry Date: 1969

Richard raising the spirits of his ailing mother

Buck and Gertrude Divorced

Archive Entry Date: 3/27/1946

The marriage of Richard's parents entered its final phase — the back-and-forth motions of divorce court

Gertrude Pryor v. LeRoy Pryor

Archive Entry Date: 1/1946

The divorce papers of Richard Pryor's parents

The Pryor Family at the Famous Door

Archive Entry Date: c. 1945

The Pryor family diversified its operations, becoming proud owners of a tavern in the mid-40s

Married: LeRoy Pryor and Gertrude Thomas

Archive Entry Date: 12/28/1943

Three years after he was born, World War II spurred Richard's parents to marry