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Obituary: Mrs. Viola Pryor

Archive Entry Date: 1/3/1968

Ann Pryor died of cancer on December 31, 1967

Upholds Ruling In Vice Case

Archive Entry Date: 10/3/1967

Ann was ultimately sentenced to a year for prostitution, but did not live to serve the term

R. Pryor Launched in Movies

Archive Entry Date: 9/9/1967

On the occasion of Richard's first film role, the Peoria Journal Star joined a conversation with his father

Appelate Court Upholds Vice Count Conviction

Archive Entry Date: 9/24/1966

A year after her arrest, Ann's conviction was upheld by 2-1 vote in appeals court

5 of 10 Vice Raid Counts Dismissed

Archive Entry Date: 11/10/1965

Buck avoided jail time by evading police during a raid

Guilty Verdict in Trial of Alleged ‘Madam’

Archive Entry Date: 10/6/1965

Ann, already sick with cancer, was sentenced to jail time for running a brothel

Prostitution Counts Name 5 Defendants

Archive Entry Date: 9/10/1965

When police raided the brothel of Richard's father and stepmother, Buck ran and Ann stayed

Buck and Ann Pryor in Aiken Alley

Archive Entry Date: 4/3/1951

Richard's father and stepmother relaxing on Aiken Alley

Ann Stepping Out On the Town

Archive Entry Date: 1950s

Richard's stepmother Ann, in a happy time and a sophisticated place

Ann and Buck Drinking With Friends

Archive Entry Date: 1950s

Richard's father and stepmother, on the town with some sharp-dressed friends

Ann Pryor and Friend

Archive Entry Date: 1950s

Ann Pryor and a friend in 1950s Peoria