Pryor’s mentor Juliette Whittaker assumed the spotlight in this in-depth profile, one that showcased her vivacious personality and delved into her many sources of artistic and moral inspiration.

Juliette commented on all parts of her life — from her unique childhood, in segregated Houston, where she discussed international politics at the dinner table and staged original plays on the front porch of her home, to her current role as principal of the elementary school she established. Usually quite private, she even discussed her personal life, including her romantic history and Neiman-Marcus shopping sprees.

Whittaker also elaborated on her relationship with Pryor during his time at the Carver Center. She recalled the first time she met him — a “little skinny kid” who talked his way into a lead role after a show had already been cast. “That’s the way Richard got on the throne of comedy,” Whittaker remarked, “and he hasn’t been down since.”