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Now They’re Proud of Peoria

Archive Entry Date: 8/55

Feminist pioneer Betty Friedan praised World War II veterans for turning around Peoria.

Gertrude Pryor v. LeRoy Pryor

Archive Entry Date: 1/1946

The divorce papers of Richard Pryor's parents

LeRoy Pryor Indicted by Grand Jury

Archive Entry Date: 3/1945

A Peoria grand jury indicted LeRoy Pryor for robbing a black soldier

Ellis Sergeant Slugged, Robbed

Archive Entry Date: 2/13/1945

A black sergeant, flush with cash, was robbed on N. Washington Street — and Richard's father seems to have been the culprit

Open House Held For Peoria’s USO Club

Archive Entry Date: 09/11/1944

Peoria's USO Club offered a respectable alternative to the red-light district

LeRoy Pryor Receives Section 8 Discharge

Archive Entry Date: 7/25/44

LeRoy Pryor was discharged without honor from the US Army at the height of mobilization for WWII

Married: LeRoy Pryor and Gertrude Thomas

Archive Entry Date: 12/28/1943

Three years after he was born, World War II spurred Richard's parents to marry

Two Women Held In Vice Check Up

Archive Entry Date: 11/21/1943

After the military threatened a further crackdown, Peoria police took action

Plan Fight on Social Disease

Archive Entry Date: 11/19/1943

All of Illinois law enforcement was marshalled to stamp out vice in Peoria