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‘The Good Old Woodruff Days’

Archive Entry Date: 6/26/76

Three decades after the decline of Roarin' Peoria, some still missed “the Good Old Days”

This Was Peoria

Archive Entry Date: 4/15/56

Editorial looking back to the “liberal” days of Peoria

Old Peoria: As Wide Open As The Gateway To Hell

Archive Entry Date: 4/14/1956

From the newspaper of the All-American city, a guided tour of the old “Empire of Vice”

The Town That Reformed

Archive Entry Date: 10/1/1955

Reform meant a new, professionalized city management, but did not go uncontested

All-America Cities

Archive Entry Date: 2/9/1954

“Good Government” comes to Peoria

Eleven “All-America” Cities of 1953

Archive Entry Date: 2/1954

Reformed Peoria, an "All-America" City

Which Side Are You On?

Archive Entry Date: 1951-1952

Peoria's reformers imagined they were pitted against bossism and corruption

Ad Club Joins Fight on ‘Red Lights’

Archive Entry Date: 6/5/1951

A new partner in the coalition against vice: the Advertising and Selling Club

Bomb Blasts Peoria Home of Prosecutor

Archive Entry Date: 12/16/49

When he refused to let Peoria be an “open town,” the state's attorney had his life threatened

The Cities of America: Peoria

Archive Entry Date: 2/12/1949

The Saturday Evening Post's panoramic view of Peoria, from its “valley” to its “bluff”

Gamblers Tell Why They Quit Peoria Rackets

Archive Entry Date: 10/20/1948

New Mayor took the profit out of gambling

State Names 2 to War on Crime, Vice

Archive Entry Date: 9/13/1948

As violence rose amongst Peoria's criminal elements, the state moved to rein the town in

Jury Urges Nine Taverns Closed

Archive Entry Date: 2/15/1945

A grand jury widened the crusade against vice to the taverns frequented by prostitutes

Woodruff Tells AP That Crusaders Caused His Defeat

Archive Entry Date: 2/14/1945

Woodruff's defeat marked the end of an era in Peoria

Bluff Outvotes Valley Wards

Archive Entry Date: 2/14/1945

A harbinger of major reforms to come, the wealthy bluff outvoted the valley for the first time in 1945

Council Votes Cleanup Power

Archive Entry Date: 12/1/1943

The health department was empowered to inspect anyone thought to have VD

Police Ordered to Enforce Ban

Archive Entry Date: 11/30/1943

A judge sent a stern message to Peoria's brothel owners and prostitutes

Plan Fight on Social Disease

Archive Entry Date: 11/19/1943

All of Illinois law enforcement was marshalled to stamp out vice in Peoria

Carson Orders Resorts Closed

Archive Entry Date: 5/8/1942

Illinois's State Attorney stepped in where Peoria's mayor did not, attacking the red-light district

Attention Citizens!

Archive Entry Date: 3/5/1942

The Jaycees led the attack against the red-light district

Council-Mayor Fight Widens

Archive Entry Date: 12/17/1941

In late-1941 Mayor Woodruff and Peoria's city council feuded over the protection of vice in the city