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Richard Pryor Returns To Peoria Stage

Archive Entry Date: 03/09/1969

A benefit for the local Afro-American Black Peoples Federation brought Richard Pryor back to the Carver Center stage

Children’s Theater of Carver Center

Archive Entry Date: 3/15/55

A review of “Rumpelstiltskin,” Richard's first stage appearance.

Bell Captured in St. Louis on Dope Charges

Archive Entry Date: 4/10/1953

Jimmy Bell, a band leader at the Famous Door, fled to St. Louis when his partner was caught in drug bust

8 Jailed Here in Narcotic Raid

Archive Entry Date: 4/9/53

Uncle Dickie was arrested with heroin and marijuana, and under suspicion of turning women to prostitution

Eight Arrested Here in Narcotics Raid

Archive Entry Date: 4/8/1953

Richard's Uncle Dickie was netted in Peoria's first major drug sting in years

John Clark Discovers Negroes Now Talking

Archive Entry Date: 10/11/1952

A reporter dropped into Bris Collins's tavern to take black America's pulse — and met Richard's “Uncle Dickie”

Marie Carter Bryant and Richard “Dickie” Carter

Archive Entry Date: n.d. (mid-1940s-1950s)

Richard's grandmother and Uncle Dickie at a bar.

The Pryor Family at the Famous Door

Archive Entry Date: c. 1945

The Pryor family diversified its operations, becoming proud owners of a tavern in the mid-40s