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‘Merry-Go-Round’ On Last Lap

Archive Entry Date: 9/27/1997

The last remains of Peoria's red-light district became a parking lot for Caterpillar

Fire Gutted Tavern To Be Replaced by Modern Structure

Archive Entry Date: 11/24/1949

Collins lost his first tavern to fire, but rebuilt the building and business

The Bar at the Famous Door

Archive Entry Date: c. 1947

An interior shot of the Pryor family's tavern

Famous Door Exterior

Archive Entry Date: c. 1947

An unidentified group — perhaps from the extended Pryor family — standing outside The Famous Door

Jury Urges Nine Taverns Closed

Archive Entry Date: 2/15/1945

A grand jury widened the crusade against vice to the taverns frequented by prostitutes