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The Friendship Tea

Archive Entry Date: 06/13/1962

Juliette Whittaker was among the ladylike faces of this Peorian Civil Rights initiative

How Much of Racial Inequity Can Negroes Overcome?

Archive Entry Date: 11/11/1960

Who was to blame for low black social mobility — Peoria or blacks themselves?

Types of Work Vary — Reach to Professions

Archive Entry Date: 4/11/1957

Juliette Whittaker was among the professionals spotlighted in “What Negroes do for a living in Peoria”

Right To Vote Their Problem, Leaders Say

Archive Entry Date: 04/09/1957

Low black voter turnout was behind black underrepresentation in Peoria politics

The Story Of The Negro In Peoria — Chapter 1

Archive Entry Date: 04/05/1957

Sparked by the postwar surge in Peoria's black population, the Journal Star surveyed the state of black Peoria

Paul Robeson Defies Peoria Ban

Archive Entry Date: 04/26/1947

The Chicago Defender sympathetically reported on Robeson's defiance of Peoria's conservatives

Peoria Bans Robeson; He Vows to Sing

Archive Entry Date: 04/18/1947

The Cold War heated up in Peoria when radical singer Paul Robeson came to town