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Remembering Juliette

Archive Entry Date: 2010

Juliette Whittaker was “my angel,” wrote Richard's childhood friend Matt Clark

A Quiet Storm

Archive Entry Date: 05/08/2007

At her funeral service in the Carver Community Center, Whittaker's gift for nurturing talent was fondly recalled

Matt Clark Recalls Richard’s Early Love for Performance

Archive Entry Date: 12/18/2005

A portrait of the young Richard, courtesy of his childhood friend Matt Clark

If You Shoot For The Moon…

Archive Entry Date: 03/08/1981

An in-depth profile of the remarkable woman who first mentored Richard Pryor as an artist

Pryor Joins Family For Grandmother’s Funeral

Archive Entry Date: 01/04/1979

Jet's coverage of a central event in Richard Pryor's life — the loss of his “Mama”

Green Eaters Clamor For Grandma Bryant

Archive Entry Date: 07/20/1978

Marie won over the hearts — and stomachs — of Richard's LA circle

Richard Pryor Returns To Peoria Stage

Archive Entry Date: 03/09/1969

A benefit for the local Afro-American Black Peoples Federation brought Richard Pryor back to the Carver Center stage

Richard Visits His Mother Gertrude

Archive Entry Date: 1969

Richard raising the spirits of his ailing mother

R. Pryor Launched in Movies

Archive Entry Date: 9/9/1967

On the occasion of Richard's first film role, the Peoria Journal Star joined a conversation with his father

Divorce Decree

Archive Entry Date: 2/9/1967

The judge's settling of accounts between Richard and his first wife, Patricia

Richard Pryor vs. Patricia Pryor

Archive Entry Date: 3/4/1966

Richard Pryor's divorce complaint, filed against his first wife Patricia five years after their wedding

National TV Debut For Peoria Entertainer

Archive Entry Date: 08/31/1964

Juliette Whittaker encouraged Pryor to “move into every and any stage he could find.”

Grand Jury Recommended on Shotgunning

Archive Entry Date: 4/5/1962

A detailed account of the shotgunning of the Elks Club bouncer who saved Richard's life

Father of 5 Fatally Shotgunned At Elk’s Club

Archive Entry Date: 4/3/1962

A bouncer saved Richard's life but was himself killed by a disgruntled customer

Children’s Theater of Carver Center

Archive Entry Date: 3/15/55

A review of “Rumpelstiltskin,” Richard's first stage appearance.

Richard on a Sixth-Grade Field Trip

Archive Entry Date: 3/1/1954

The great comedian-to-be in Springfield, next to a statue of the Great Emancipator

Richard’s School Record

Archive Entry Date: 1945-1955

Richard struggled to find his way through Peoria's schools

Gertrude Pryor v. LeRoy Pryor

Archive Entry Date: 1/1946

The divorce papers of Richard Pryor's parents

North Washington Street

Archive Entry Date: 1938

The block, in the red-light district, where Pryor was raised