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“Prostitution in Peoria — always a tricky, risky enterprise”

Archive Entry Date: 10/3/93

Brothels find new neighborhoods after demolitions.

Barren Land in Southtown Teemed With Brothels

Archive Entry Date: 10/3/1993

Did the lives of prostitutes change for the worse with reform?

“Peoria Says Goodbye to Merry-Go-Round”

Archive Entry Date: 9/30/79

A well-known hub for prostitution was demolished in 1979.

Survey Shows Prostitution On Rise

Archive Entry Date: 05/07/1959

Prostitution was tightly monitored, and even more tightly controlled, in 1950s Peoria

Old Peoria Was ‘Right’ for Sheltons…

Archive Entry Date: 4/16/1957

The killing of the head of a gambling syndicate, in 1948, gave a huge boost to Peoria's reformers

The Town That Reformed

Archive Entry Date: 10/1/1955

Reform meant a new, professionalized city management, but did not go uncontested

Now They’re Proud of Peoria

Archive Entry Date: 8/55

Feminist pioneer Betty Friedan praised World War II veterans for turning around Peoria.

Vice Termed As Sabotage

Archive Entry Date: 12/07/1943

Ministers called vice “sabotage” and accused Peoria's citizens of thwarting the war effort

Peoria Vice Hit By Government

Archive Entry Date: 3/18/1942

The Christian Century editorialized against Peoria as “the sinkhole of midwestern vice”

U.S. Plans To Close City to Men On Leave

Archive Entry Date: 01/28/1942

A spike in VD in Peoria led the US public health board to take action