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Panther Clark Expected Death, Sister Reveals

Archive Entry Date: 12/29/1969

An obituary for Mark Clark — a Peorian Black Panther killed alongside Fred Hampton in a pre-dawn raid by Chicago police in 1969

Fire Bomb Tossed Through Window Of Rehm Barber Shop

Archive Entry Date: 11/23/1964

A barbershop where blacks had been refused service was struck with a Molotov cocktail

Call Inter-Racial Visits Big Success

Archive Entry Date: 10/28/1963

Over 200 people hosted integrated parties for Peoria's Inter-racial Home Visitation Day

Negro Effect on Property Put To Test

Archive Entry Date: 08/07/1963

A newspaper investigation found property values rarely dropped when a “colored family” moved in

Mayor Day Admits Discrimination in Peoria

Archive Entry Date: 07/03/1963

Unemployment and poor housing were problems that couldn't be solved by demonstrations, said Peoria's Mayor

Gwynn Says There IS Racial Tension in Peoria

Archive Entry Date: 06/22/1963

Peoria's NAACP president argued that racial tension suffused “almost every phase of life in Peoria”

Teacher Gives Wisdom, Challenge To Negroes

Archive Entry Date: 11/10/1960

A Peorian teacher emphasized education in the fight for desegregation

Harper Known Nationally For His Work

Archive Entry Date: 4/17/1957

Carver Center director Henry Harper was a gentle man with bulldog tenacity

Some of Most Persistent Myths Explode

Archive Entry Date: 04/15/1957

With liberal conviction, the Peoria Journal Star debunked the myth of scientific racial superiority