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Three Are Arrested in Raid Sunday Night

Archive Entry Date: 10/14/1929

Possessing “intoxicating liquor” proved a costly offense for Marie Carter

Three Taken in Raid

Archive Entry Date: 10/11/1929

Marie appears to have bootlegged out of her home — and was arrested for it

Police Notes: Thomas Bryant’s Liquor Charge

Archive Entry Date: 02/16/1927

Thomas Bryant, Marie's soon-to-be second husband, was convicted of bootlegging

Peoria Busier Than Ever But Much Drier

Archive Entry Date: 9/8/26

Early on, Peoria was “the city of high spirits,” a center for the distillery business

The Peoria Protest

Archive Entry Date: 10/4/25

Prohibition seemed to many Peorians a violation of fundamental human rights

Peoria Grand Jury Condemns Dry Terrorism

Archive Entry Date: 9/30/1925

Federal agents were condemned in Peoria for their violent tactics