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Key Bridge Has Changed Face of City

Archive Entry Date: 12/12/1998

Murray Baker bridge remembered at 40

Murray Baker Opening Day Much Colder

Archive Entry Date: 8/31/1978

Bridge named for former Vice President at Le Tourneau and Caterpillar

Little Town

Archive Entry Date: 6/3/1965

The Murray Baker Bridge brought dramatic change to Peoria's place in the world

A Tremendous Step Forward for Peoria

Archive Entry Date: 12/1958

Peoria's civic and business leaders could not have been happier with the new bridge

A New East West Gateway to a Vast Midwest Empire

Archive Entry Date: 12/10/1958

The Murray M. Baker Bridge symbolized Peoria's attempt to join the American big time

Facts, Figures on Bridge, Approaches Add Up to Bigness

Archive Entry Date: 12/10/1958

Peorians delighted in the quantifiable magnitude of the Murray Baker Bridge

Total Cost Put at $16 Million

Archive Entry Date: 12/10/1958

The Federal Government saved Peoria millions with its funding of the bridge

State to Clear 14 Buildings Here

Archive Entry Date: 7/9/1953

Richard Pryor's childhood home was demolished to make way for the Murray Baker Bridge

Fayette-Jackson Is Area for New Span

Archive Entry Date: 7/26/1951

The Murray Baker Bridge was over fifteen years in the making

Business & Civic Leaders Join for Solution of Bridge Problem

Archive Entry Date: 9/1/1940

By 1940, businessmen were already dreaming of a new bridge across the Illinois River