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Pryor Joins Family For Grandmother’s Funeral

Archive Entry Date: 01/04/1979

Jet's coverage of a central event in Richard Pryor's life — the loss of his “Mama”

Green Eaters Clamor For Grandma Bryant

Archive Entry Date: 07/20/1978

Marie won over the hearts — and stomachs — of Richard's LA circle

Richard Pryor Returns To Peoria Stage

Archive Entry Date: 03/09/1969

A benefit for the local Afro-American Black Peoples Federation brought Richard Pryor back to the Carver Center stage

Marie Carter Bryant and Richard “Dickie” Carter

Archive Entry Date: n.d. (mid-1940s-1950s)

Richard's grandmother and Uncle Dickie at a bar.

Famous Door Exterior

Archive Entry Date: c. 1947

An unidentified group — perhaps from the extended Pryor family — standing outside The Famous Door

The Pryor Family at the Famous Door

Archive Entry Date: c. 1945

The Pryor family diversified its operations, becoming proud owners of a tavern in the mid-40s

Thomas Bryant, Richard’s grandfather

Archive Entry Date: 1944

Thomas “Pops” Bryant was Marie's second husband

U.S. Plans To Close City to Men On Leave

Archive Entry Date: 01/28/1942

A spike in VD in Peoria led the US public health board to take action

North Washington Street

Archive Entry Date: 1938

The block, in the red-light district, where Pryor was raised

Woman Fined $50 on Assault Charge

Archive Entry Date: 11/13/1929

The ultimate price Marie paid for her act of candy store justice

Three Arrested on Assault Charges

Archive Entry Date: 11/05/1929

Under arrest, the candy store proprietor pled not guilty to Marie's assault charge.

Tit for Tat

Archive Entry Date: 11/04/1929

Charged with assault, Marie fought back by filing assault charges against her accusers

Boy Slapped, Woman Routs Proprietor

Archive Entry Date: 10/20/1929

When a black boy was slapped at a candy store, Richard's grandmother struck back

Three Are Arrested in Raid Sunday Night

Archive Entry Date: 10/14/1929

Possessing “intoxicating liquor” proved a costly offense for Marie Carter

Three Taken in Raid

Archive Entry Date: 10/11/1929

Marie appears to have bootlegged out of her home — and was arrested for it

One Prisoner of Fourteen Pleads Guilty

Archive Entry Date: 06/06/1928

Six years after his divorce from Marie, Roy Pryor faced a grand larceny charge

Police Notes: Thomas Bryant’s Liquor Charge

Archive Entry Date: 02/16/1927

Thomas Bryant, Marie's soon-to-be second husband, was convicted of bootlegging

Dismiss Economos Case

Archive Entry Date: 11/20/1925

After an argument with his boss, Roy Pryor found himself at gunpoint

Marie Pryor Asks for Divorce

Archive Entry Date: 4/20/1922

After almost eight years of marriage, Marie Pryor divorced her husband Roy

Police Notes: Marie Pryor Arrested for Fighting

Archive Entry Date: 09/21/1919

At 17, Marie was already settling matters with her fists

Roy Pryor/Marie Pryor Assault Arrest

Archive Entry Date: 04/03/1917

Another assault charge filed by Marie Pryor against her husband Roy

Claimed Wife Attended Ball

Archive Entry Date: 12/06/1915

When Marie attended a “grand ball” by herself, her husband beat her for it

Married: Pryor-Carter

Archive Entry Date: 8/07/1914

At age 14 Marie Carter married Roy Pryor and became Marie Pryor