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Remembering Juliette

Archive Entry Date: 2010

Juliette Whittaker was “my angel,” wrote Richard's childhood friend Matt Clark

A Quiet Storm

Archive Entry Date: 05/08/2007

At her funeral service in the Carver Community Center, Whittaker's gift for nurturing talent was fondly recalled

Juliette Whittaker

Archive Entry Date: 05/04/2007

After 80 years of living creatively, Whittaker peacefully passed away in 2007

Matt Clark Recalls Richard’s Early Love for Performance

Archive Entry Date: 12/18/2005

A portrait of the young Richard, courtesy of his childhood friend Matt Clark

Whittaker’s Expressive Arts

Archive Entry Date: 11/27/2002

“The artist part of me has always chosen a storytelling style,” explained Whittaker

If You Shoot For The Moon…

Archive Entry Date: 03/08/1981

An in-depth profile of the remarkable woman who first mentored Richard Pryor as an artist

Peoria Chief of Police Commends Whittaker

Archive Entry Date: 05/17/1973

Juliette Whittaker was praised for her bravery by the Chief of Police as a hostage negotiator in the line of fire

Whittaker: Young Man of Great Potential

Archive Entry Date: 05/02/1973

Juliette Whittaker remembered gunman (and Black Panther) Melvin Burch as “a very gentle man”

Gunman Slain As Pupil Held Hostage In School

Archive Entry Date: 05/02/1973

In a high-stakes hostage standoff, the gunmen refused negotiations with anyone but Juliette Whittaker

Malcolm X Asks: “Who Will Help Mend America?”

Archive Entry Date: 1969

Juliette Whittaker's Civil Rights fresco

Richard Pryor Returns To Peoria Stage

Archive Entry Date: 03/09/1969

A benefit for the local Afro-American Black Peoples Federation brought Richard Pryor back to the Carver Center stage

I, Too, Sing America

Archive Entry Date: 02/1966

A glimpse of a musical number from Whittaker's Civil Rights inspired pageant, “I, Too, Sing America”

F.S. Whittaker, Lawyer, Father Of Peorian, Dies

Archive Entry Date: 04/07/1965

The death of Juliette's father, a poet, artist, playwright, and lawyer, was honored by Peoria from afar.

National TV Debut For Peoria Entertainer

Archive Entry Date: 08/31/1964

Juliette Whittaker encouraged Pryor to “move into every and any stage he could find.”

Carver Variety Show Satire Provides ‘Touch’

Archive Entry Date: 12/06/1963

From the imagination of Juliette Whittaker, a Dixiecrat senator's tour of Hell

The Enchanted Cage

Archive Entry Date: 11/27/1962

Carver Center teens, including later Black Panther Mark Clark, rehearsed a scene from “The Enchanted Cage”

The Friendship Tea

Archive Entry Date: 06/13/1962

Juliette Whittaker was among the ladylike faces of this Peorian Civil Rights initiative

Billy Smiles

Archive Entry Date: 1961

A story of Juliette Whittaker's mentorship — and one of her paintings — grounded this Carver Center fundraising appeal

Swinging Into Action

Archive Entry Date: 11/08/1957

Presenting the Silicons - a doowop group featured in a Carver Center talent show that Pryor may have emceed

270 Sign Up For Carter Program

Archive Entry Date: 09/20/1957

The 1957 Center curriculum ranged from baton-twirling and canasta to scenery building and choir

She Lends Many Talents to Corn Stock

Archive Entry Date: 06/11/1957

A closer look at the Carver Center's resident playwright, director, stage manager, and set designer

Types of Work Vary — Reach to Professions

Archive Entry Date: 4/11/1957

Juliette Whittaker was among the professionals spotlighted in “What Negroes do for a living in Peoria”

Children’s Theater of Carver Center

Archive Entry Date: 3/15/55

A review of “Rumpelstiltskin,” Richard's first stage appearance.

The Carver Center’s 10th Anniversary

Archive Entry Date: 1954

Celebrating ten successful years, the Carver Center released a report on its progress.

‘Hopalong Hamlet’ Will Ride At Carver

Archive Entry Date: 1950s

Shakespeare's classic re-imagined by Whittaker in an original Carver Center Youth Theater production

Blues in Cuba

Archive Entry Date: 04/27/1950

Juliette Whittaker's first original work for the Carver Center -- a lively musical set in the Cuba of 1950