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‘China Bee’s’ No-Jail Record Remains Intact

Archive Entry Date: 12/24/1969

China Bee Parker, wife of Harold, ran a N. Washington St. brothel for thirty years without spending a night in jail

Day v. Illinois Liquor Commission

Archive Entry Date: 1/24/1963

Mayor Day did everything in his power to shut down Harold Parker's club

Harold’s Club Liquor License Revoked

Archive Entry Date: 7/21/1961

Peoria's Mayor threatened the livelihood of Harold's Club by taking away its liquor license

Cop in Closet Sees Bribe

Archive Entry Date: 6/26/1961

Parker tried to “set things right,” but instead he lost his liquor license

Fourth Ward

Archive Entry Date: 2/11/1961

The owner of Harold's Club ran for alderman — as a reformer

Harold Parker’s Mug Shot

Archive Entry Date: 1961

Harold Parker on an off-night — getting booked

Harold’s Club

Archive Entry Date: c. 1960

Harold Parker, proud proprietor of “Harold's Club”

Harold Parker, Boy Wonder of Peoria

Archive Entry Date: 9/26/1959

A columnist for Black Chicago took note of stylish Harold Parker and his “interracial night club”

Harold Parker Resolves His “Cop Trouble”

Archive Entry Date: 9/22/1959

Harold Parker fought the law in Chicago — and won

Waitress Says Parker ‘Sapped’ Her

Archive Entry Date: 7/21/1957

Parker and his bouncer beat waitresses over $1 mistake

An Exceptional Spectacle

Archive Entry Date: c. 1946

Two snappily dressed interracial couples enjoy a night at the Famous Door

North Washington Street

Archive Entry Date: 1938

The block, in the red-light district, where Pryor was raised