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School Desegregation in Peoria, Illinois

Archive Entry Date: 06/1977

The US Commission on Civil Rights examined why a busing program hadn't alleviated segregation in Peoria's schools

Civil Rights Movement: Where Has Peoria Been?

Archive Entry Date: 05/12/1974

Twenty years after Brown v. Board of Education, the Journal Star examined the arc of the city's Civil Rights Movement

B.U. Statement Sound

Archive Entry Date: 03/10/1969

Three days later an editorial praised Bradley's “Statement of Principles” for enforcing the civil rights of all races

BU Establishes Black Culture House, Sets Afro Degree Plan

Archive Entry Date: 03/07/1969

Protests by Bradley University's Black Student Alliance resulted in two new academic institutions

School Protests Suspended For Week

Archive Entry Date: 11/15/1967

After approximately 6,200 total student absences, student demonstrators paused to regroup

120 Negro Students, Suspended Yesterday, Barred

Archive Entry Date: 11/10/1967

120 Manual High School students were barred from returning to class the day after the mass walk-out

200 Students Walk Out in Protest March

Archive Entry Date: 11/09/1967

Teens in the NAACP staged a walk-out to protest inadequate conditions at their school

6 Jailed For Disorderly Conduct

Archive Entry Date: 07/21/1966

The NAACP pressured for school reform with another sit-in — and six were arrested

School Board Agrees To Meet After Singing Sit-In

Archive Entry Date: 07/19/1966

The NAACP staged a singing sit-in to press for changes in school curriculum and employment practices

Negro Heroes In Peoria

Archive Entry Date: 11/17/1964

The Peoria Journal Star saluted those black Peorians who had entered the middle class

Black Peorians Dropout in Alarming Numbers

Archive Entry Date: 11/2/1964

By November 1964, a 77% high school dropout rate beset black Peoria - higher than Chicago and Springfield.

How Much of Racial Inequity Can Negroes Overcome?

Archive Entry Date: 11/11/1960

Who was to blame for low black social mobility — Peoria or blacks themselves?

Teacher Gives Wisdom, Challenge To Negroes

Archive Entry Date: 11/10/1960

A Peorian teacher emphasized education in the fight for desegregation

“The Negro Situation in Peoria”

Archive Entry Date: 10/12/1960

The PJ Star argued everyone was "somewhat to blame" for the high black drop-out rate