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Barren Land in Southtown Teemed With Brothels

Archive Entry Date: 10/3/1993

Did the lives of prostitutes change for the worse with reform?

Play in Peoria Not Like in Old Days

Archive Entry Date: 11/2/1980

An AP reporter's survey of a century of prostitution in Peoria

Bris Collins Surrenders to Serve Term

Archive Entry Date: 9/11/1954

Collins, labeled as the “racket boss of Peoria,” took a one-year prison term

Bell Captured in St. Louis on Dope Charges

Archive Entry Date: 4/10/1953

Jimmy Bell, a band leader at the Famous Door, fled to St. Louis when his partner was caught in drug bust

8 Jailed Here in Narcotic Raid

Archive Entry Date: 4/9/53

Uncle Dickie was arrested with heroin and marijuana, and under suspicion of turning women to prostitution