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Divorce Decree

Archive Entry Date: 2/9/1967

The judge's settling of accounts between Richard and his first wife, Patricia

Richard Pryor vs. Patricia Pryor

Archive Entry Date: 3/4/1966

Richard Pryor's divorce complaint, filed against his first wife Patricia five years after their wedding

Buck and Gertrude Divorced

Archive Entry Date: 3/27/1946

The marriage of Richard's parents entered its final phase — the back-and-forth motions of divorce court

Gertrude Pryor v. LeRoy Pryor

Archive Entry Date: 1/1946

The divorce papers of Richard Pryor's parents

Divorce in a City of 100,000 Population

Archive Entry Date: 1939

Peoria had a divorce rate nearly twice the US average; a sociologist surveyed Peoria from all angles to discover why

Marie Pryor Asks for Divorce

Archive Entry Date: 4/20/1922

After almost eight years of marriage, Marie Pryor divorced her husband Roy