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Benjamin Alexander, Black Activist, Remembers CORE

Archive Entry Date: 1991

A detailed, intimate account of the interracial alliance behind CORE's sit-ins

Inter-Racial Committee Pickets 6 Restaurants

Archive Entry Date: 06/15/1946

Restaurant managers boasted defiantly of improved sales after Bradley University's CORE chapter picketed their establishments

Letter from Hazel Pritcher to George Houser

Archive Entry Date: 06/03/1946

CORE broadened its fight for racial justice by taking on a high school's staging of a blackface minstrel show

Letter from Dick Trotter to George Houser

Archive Entry Date: 07/21/1945

Its membership growing, Peoria's CORE aimed to desegregate public pools as well as local restaurants

Letter from Dick Trotter to George Houser

Archive Entry Date: 05/16/1945

"Sit-down strikes" in eating establishments were the first protests organized by Peoria's CORE chapter

Letter from George Houser to Dick Trotter

Archive Entry Date: 04/13/1945

When an “interracial action group” formed in Peoria, the president of the Congress of Racial Equality offered his support