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Peoria Legion Post Charter Revoked

Archive Entry Date: 08/14/1947

After the Robeson incident, the hammer came down on Peoria's black American Legion post

Crucifixion of Paul Robeson Blasted by Press in India

Archive Entry Date: 05/24/1947

A newspaper in New Delhi expressed outrage over Paul Robeson's ban in Peoria

From Fred Douglass to Robeson, Peoria Hasn’t Improved

Archive Entry Date: 05/03/1947

Peoria's ban of Paul Robeson echoed its chilly reception of Frederick Douglass 65 years before

Strange Case of Paul Robeson

Archive Entry Date: 05/03/1947

A condemnation of Paul Robeson's behavior in Peoria from The Pittsburgh Courier, an African-American newspaper.

Edward Robb Ellis Interview with Paul Robeson

Archive Entry Date: 04/19/1947

An in-depth interview of Paul Robeson, freshly banned from Peoria