Documents Tagged ‘Civil Rights Movement in Peoria’

Benjamin Alexander, Black Activist, Remembers CORE

Archive Entry Date: 1991

A detailed, intimate account of the interracial alliance behind CORE's sit-ins

School Desegregation in Peoria, Illinois

Archive Entry Date: 06/1977

The US Commission on Civil Rights examined why a busing program hadn't alleviated segregation in Peoria's schools

The View From Peoria: It’s Not Playing Well

Archive Entry Date: 6/30/1974

The Washington Post traveled to Peoria to take the pulse of the nation during the Watergate crisis

Civil Rights Movement: Where Has Peoria Been?

Archive Entry Date: 05/12/1974

Twenty years after Brown v. Board of Education, the Journal Star examined the arc of the city's Civil Rights Movement

Panther Clark Expected Death, Sister Reveals

Archive Entry Date: 12/29/1969

An obituary for Mark Clark — a Peorian Black Panther killed alongside Fred Hampton in a pre-dawn raid by Chicago police in 1969

B.U. Statement Sound

Archive Entry Date: 03/10/1969

Three days later an editorial praised Bradley's “Statement of Principles” for enforcing the civil rights of all races

Richard Pryor Returns To Peoria Stage

Archive Entry Date: 03/09/1969

A benefit for the local Afro-American Black Peoples Federation brought Richard Pryor back to the Carver Center stage

Campbell Pledges Blacks in Building Trades Soon

Archive Entry Date: 03/09/1969

An “open society” in Peoria was the goal of the Tri-County Urban League's annual seven-part statement

No Union Men Attend Rights Group Meeting

Archive Entry Date: 03/08/1969

White-dominated construction unions were no-shows at a meeting to integrate building trades

BU Establishes Black Culture House, Sets Afro Degree Plan

Archive Entry Date: 03/07/1969

Protests by Bradley University's Black Student Alliance resulted in two new academic institutions

Meeting Dates Set For Police-Community Talks

Archive Entry Date: 03/05/1969

To allay black mistrust of Peoria's police, city leaders planned three-day retreats with blacks, police, and businessmen

‘Together In Peoria’

Archive Entry Date: 02/29/1969

Businessmen in Peoria showed a growing concern for race relations with an $85,000 pledge to Project TIP

School Protests Suspended For Week

Archive Entry Date: 11/15/1967

After approximately 6,200 total student absences, student demonstrators paused to regroup

120 Negro Students, Suspended Yesterday, Barred

Archive Entry Date: 11/10/1967

120 Manual High School students were barred from returning to class the day after the mass walk-out

200 Students Walk Out in Protest March

Archive Entry Date: 11/09/1967

Teens in the NAACP staged a walk-out to protest inadequate conditions at their school

6 Jailed For Disorderly Conduct

Archive Entry Date: 07/21/1966

The NAACP pressured for school reform with another sit-in — and six were arrested

School Board Agrees To Meet After Singing Sit-In

Archive Entry Date: 07/19/1966

The NAACP staged a singing sit-in to press for changes in school curriculum and employment practices

Fire Bomb Tossed Through Window Of Rehm Barber Shop

Archive Entry Date: 11/23/1964

A barbershop where blacks had been refused service was struck with a Molotov cocktail

Negro Heroes In Peoria

Archive Entry Date: 11/17/1964

The Peoria Journal Star saluted those black Peorians who had entered the middle class

Black Peorians Dropout in Alarming Numbers

Archive Entry Date: 11/2/1964

By November 1964, a 77% high school dropout rate beset black Peoria - higher than Chicago and Springfield.

Landlords Profit While South Sides Goes To Pot

Archive Entry Date: 12/05/1963

For lack of a better option, Peoria's blacks were forced to rent overpriced and poorly maintained housing

Call Inter-Racial Visits Big Success

Archive Entry Date: 10/28/1963

Over 200 people hosted integrated parties for Peoria's Inter-racial Home Visitation Day

Negro Effect on Property Put To Test

Archive Entry Date: 08/07/1963

A newspaper investigation found property values rarely dropped when a “colored family” moved in

Mayor Day Admits Discrimination in Peoria

Archive Entry Date: 07/03/1963

Unemployment and poor housing were problems that couldn't be solved by demonstrations, said Peoria's Mayor

Gwynn Says There IS Racial Tension in Peoria

Archive Entry Date: 06/22/1963

Peoria's NAACP president argued that racial tension suffused “almost every phase of life in Peoria”

March Until Bus Company Capitulates

Archive Entry Date: 06/20/1963

Racist hiring practices were targeted in a NAACP-organized bus boycott

The Friendship Tea

Archive Entry Date: 06/13/1962

Juliette Whittaker was among the ladylike faces of this Peorian Civil Rights initiative

Housing Effort By Tenants Succeeds, Fails

Archive Entry Date: 04/16/1957

A case study in white resistance to desegregated housing in Peoria

Crucifixion of Paul Robeson Blasted by Press in India

Archive Entry Date: 05/24/1947

A newspaper in New Delhi expressed outrage over Paul Robeson's ban in Peoria

From Fred Douglass to Robeson, Peoria Hasn’t Improved

Archive Entry Date: 05/03/1947

Peoria's ban of Paul Robeson echoed its chilly reception of Frederick Douglass 65 years before