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2 Women Entertainers Slain In Motel

Archive Entry Date: 9/30/1964

Two “entertainers” were murdered at Bris Collins's motel over an unpaid debt

Collins Corner

Archive Entry Date: 8/1/1965

Collins Corner, captured in a 1965 photograph.

Playing With Matches May Have Caused Fatal Blaze

Archive Entry Date: 5/20/1961

Collins risked his life many times trying to save children from a fire

Bris Collins Surrenders to Serve Term

Archive Entry Date: 9/11/1954

Collins, labeled as the “racket boss of Peoria,” took a one-year prison term

Collins Gets Year, Day On Money Count

Archive Entry Date: 7/2/1954

After 3 years and 2 hung juries, Collins was given the minimum sentence

Bris Collins’ Tap Raided, Closed; Baseball Pool Czar Fined $1,000

Archive Entry Date: 5/23/1953

“Cleaning up Peoria” meant more raids on Bris Collins' place

John Clark Discovers Negroes Now Talking

Archive Entry Date: 10/11/1952

A reporter dropped into Bris Collins's tavern to take black America's pulse — and met Richard's “Uncle Dickie”

Bris Collins Held on Bogus Money Count

Archive Entry Date: 7/10/1951

Arrest was nothing new for Collins