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Old Peoria: Fixed Cops, Gang Murders, Kidnapping

Archive Entry Date: 4/15/56

Reformed Peoria looked back at days of gangland kidnappings and murder

Old Peoria: As Wide Open As The Gateway To Hell

Archive Entry Date: 4/14/1956

From the newspaper of the All-American city, a guided tour of the old “Empire of Vice”

Now They’re Proud of Peoria

Archive Entry Date: 8/55

Feminist pioneer Betty Friedan praised World War II veterans for turning around Peoria.

Peoria Mayor Vows to Push Fight On Vice

Archive Entry Date: 5/22/1954

Peoria's new reform-oriented mayor was undaunted by the bombing of his home

Bomb Blasts Peoria Home of Prosecutor

Archive Entry Date: 12/16/49

When he refused to let Peoria be an “open town,” the state's attorney had his life threatened