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Mural At Carver Center Unveiled Sunday

Archive Entry Date: 11/14/1949

The Carver Center's mural was taken to be a significant work of public art in Peoria.

Carver Center Is Dedicated

Archive Entry Date: 12/11/1944

For its founders, the Carver Center promised to inaugurate “the postwar of tomorrow”

Open House Held For Peoria’s USO Club

Archive Entry Date: 09/11/1944

Peoria's USO Club offered a respectable alternative to the red-light district

Vice Termed As Sabotage

Archive Entry Date: 12/07/1943

Ministers called vice “sabotage” and accused Peoria's citizens of thwarting the war effort

U.S. Plans To Close City to Men On Leave

Archive Entry Date: 01/28/1942

A spike in VD in Peoria led the US public health board to take action